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Seien Sie clever und prüfen Sie die Fahrzeughistorie mit CARFAX!

Kelley Blue Book value is just one appraisal guide used by consumers to determine fair vehicle pricing. It is not illegal to sell your car above the Kelley Blue Book Value, although you may find that finding a buyer is difficult if you're asking for too much money. Appraisal guides may not take into consideration various market conditions that increase the value of your car.

Aside from Kelley Blue Book, check your car's value at Edmunds.

More than 60% of all used cars imported from the U.S. to Europe have a negative history

You'll find that values differ by appraisal guide. Also check the values of vehicles for sale in your area to obtain realistic prices. You may find that your type of vehicle is selling privately for retail value or warrants a higher amount than appraisal guide values.

Black Book Vs Kelly Blue Book Trade In Values

Market conditions also play a role in vehicle value. You may find that appraisal guides suggested a value thousands of dollars less than prices you obtained from local classifieds. This can happen for various reasons. Appraisal guides do not take consumer demand, vehicle availability or gas prices into consideration. If you found a buyer to purchase your car for higher than Kelley Blue Book value, there's probably a reason for it.

Find Out Your Car's Value With Kelley Blue Book

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  • Kelly Blue Book Review: Used Car Trade-in Value?
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  • Get used car values from Black Book with our car pricing guide.

Notify me of new posts by email. Are you are planning to sell a car? First, we need to address the largest misconception about KBB: They are not setting prices for the market. Dealerships have high overhead and lending costs; this places consumers in a position to lose money. Dealerships have to make a profit, so you cannot expect to get a fair Kelley Blue Book price.

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  4. Private parties want to get the best price. Again, the Kelley Blue Book price is not meant to reflect a fair price for a vehicle. They merely track prices. Selling a vehicle is about negotiation.

    What kind of deal are buyers looking for? This is where most car buyers mess up. Instead of looking for a great vehicle at a fair price, they are trying to find GREAT deals that are under priced. As a seller, you should do your best to show them the value of a trustworthy transaction which we will talk about in a moment.

    Kelly Blue Book Review: Used Car Trade-in Value

    Here is the sober truth: It is hard to get a Kelley Blue Book price. This shows the buyer that you are committed to selling a quality vehicle.

    Extensively clean the interior and exterior. Learn standard negotiation techniques. The buyer is obviously interested if they ask about your car. Use online car platforms with competitive financing rates. TRED offers to finance with rates as low as 1. Also, this will help people afford your vehicle because they can take out a loan.

    Facebook launches Marketplace for cars with dealers and Blue Book pricing – TechCrunch

    Bring the car to a mechanic to get a reliable inspection. Again, this shows that you are a trustworthy seller. Because you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a safe and reliable transaction. Get your title, Carfax vehicle history, and bill of sale together.