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To illustrate the segment, the Today crew scoured this good nation to find people who look like their dogs.

What Makes People Look Like Their Dogs? Science Has The Answer

Those most dog-like traveled to Rockefeller Center, paraded around on camera, and were made to smile into it for awkwardly too long. Because this is America and everything is a competition, this was also a competition.

David Frei, co-host of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, oversaw the procession and chose a winner incorrectly; the strongest resemblance is actually James from California with his miniature schnauzer and their matching mustaches. Here is the video. Unlike the dog segment, these men teach us little about the obesity epidemic, but there's probably something in there about self image. A friend recently posted this comic on Facebook: It got me thinking: Do dogs actually resemble their owners? It seems the idea has amused cartoonists for decades.

Here's Why People Look Exactly Like Their Dogs

The phenomenon has also been employed in irreverent ad campaigns for dog food in Brazil… And mobile phones in Canada… Most recently, German photographer Ines Opifanti demonstrated a similar connection between dogs and their owners, matching 30 volunteers and their pups in side-by-side facial impersonations. In other words, it seemed like everyone in the world shared my curiosity on the subject. Sixteen of the 25 purebred canines were accurately paired with their owners.

go site Not one to bark up the wrong tree, I recently spoke with Christenfeld about his findings and why we subconsciously purchase dogs that look like us. At the time of your study had there ever been anything like it previously?

But we had never seen any research on it, so we did some ourselves. We had no lofty goals for the study; we just hoped to answer the basic question you raised. So we took pictures of dogs and their owners separately and showed people one dog and three possible owners and asked them to pick out the real owner.

Do These People Look Like Their Dogs? 🐶

What did your study confirm? There are two arguments about why people might look like their pets: 1 People are attracted to and adopt dogs that look like them; 2 people and their pets come to look like each other through cohabitation.

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Our data speaks to that more empirically. Our main finding was that there is a significant resemblance between people and their dogs, but only for purebreds. Why is that? It must be a selection. What this says about why we have dogs is interesting. Evolution shaped us to want to take care of tiny, nonverbal creatures that look like us i.

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