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The amount of the exemption is the reduction in EAV of the residence in the first taxable year for which the taxpayer applies for an exemption minus the EAV of the residence for the taxable year prior to the taxable year in which the natural disaster occurred. The exemption continues at the same amount until the taxable year in which the property is sold or transferred.

The PTELL is designed to limit the increases in property tax extensions total taxes billed for non-home rule taxing districts. Although the law is commonly referred to as "tax caps," use of this phrase can be misleading.

How To Check Your Deed

Instead, the PTELL allows a taxing district to receive a limited inflationary increase in tax extensions on existing property, plus an additional amount for new construction. The limit slows the growth of revenues to taxing districts when property values and assessments are increasing faster than the rate of inflation.

As a whole, property owners have some protection from tax bills that increase only because the market value of their property is rising rapidly. Payments for bonds issued without voter approval are subject to strict limitations. If a taxing district determines that it needs more money than is allowed by the limitation, it can ask the voters to approve an increase. Public Act allows county boards to give voters in all other counties the opportunity to decide if the PTELL should apply to their counties. Excluding Cook and the collar counties, 42 counties have voted on referendum to implement PTELL-referenda passed in 33 counties that are subject to PTELL, rejected in 11 counties, and rescinded in 0 counties.

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The exemption is for two consecutive tax years, the tax year that the veteran returns from active duty in an armed conflict involving the armed forces of the United States and the following year. The veteran must own and occupy the property as his or her principal residence on January 1 of each assessment year.

Lake County, IL Property Tax Information

A veteran who acquires a principal residence after January 1 of the year he or she returns home is eligible for the RVHE on the principal residence owned and occupied on January 1 of the following tax year. A veteran is eligible to receive the exemption for another tax year in which the veteran returns from active duty. This exemption "freezes" the senior citizen's property's equalized assessed value the year that the senior citizen qualifies for the exemption.

The property's equalized assessed value does not increase as long as qualification for the exemption continues. The tax bill may still increase if any tax rates are increased or if improvements are added that increase the value of the property. The stairs are on the left after you enter the office and pass the help desk. The process of locating the correct tract book page is rather complex.

If you're making a one-time visit, it will be simpler and more efficient to give a clerk the PIN and ask for help to find the right page. If you plan to visit regularly, it's worth figuring out how to locate the page on your own. If you want to view any of the property records, ask a clerk how to book and page the entries, and then take the information across the hall to request the microfiche records for viewing.

If court records are mentioned, follow up with the Circuit Court Archives. It's expensive to have property records copied.

In most cases, it's best to view the records and take notes. Occasionally you'll be given microfiche records that are wet, deteriorating, and emitting a strong vinegar-type odor. If you have sensitivities, avoid working with those records. If the building you're researching has survived, there may be a modern-day photo of it in the Cook County Assessor's Property Search database. The Chicago History Museun has a large collection of photographs.

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More information about their collection can be found here. Articles may associate events such as crimes or accidents with specific addresses and classified advertisements can suggest when properties were sold or rented. Fire Insurance Maps Fire insurance maps may give you an idea of the type of structure that was located at a specific address.

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How To Check Your Deed you may be reading this post because you received a postcard in the mail from our office notifying you of a Quitclaim Deed filed against your property, which can be an indicator of fraud. Documents that may be fraud have certain indicators or hallmarks. Some examples include: Deeds that the property owner or their attorney did not prepare or sign. Loans the property owner did not apply for and obtain.

But note that contractor or subcontractor lien arising when a dispute occurs between the property owner and the party performing the construction work or maintenance services, or material suppliers is not a matter of fraud, but more a matter to be resolved in court. Other types of lienholders where no services were provided, such as real estate brokers, or attorneys.

Court documents that have nothing to do with the property owner or the property itself. Below are some common terms and document names that you might find, and what they mean: An attorney should be consulted for determination of how best to utilize these instruments and how they may affect ownership rights. Assignment of beneficial interest in land trust document transfers the interests of a beneficiary under a trust agreement to another party.

The new lender under the assignment then becomes solely responsible for collection on the mortgage from the borrower, releasing the assigning lender. Assignment of Rents document supplements a mortgage loan or trust deed, agreeing that if the loan debt goes into default example; not being paid , all income from the property rents, leases is assigned to the lender. Affidavit document is a sworn statement, signed and notarized, holding it out to be the truth of some matter. Agreement for Deed document is an agreement between a seller and buyer concerning real estate, somewhat similar to a real estate sales contract or installment agreement to purchase property.

Certificate of Purchase document is issued to a successful bidder at an auction and prepared by the County Clerk.