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Second, we present, in detail and for the first time, what these prominent regulatory questions are for all relevant risk assessment endpoints.

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These detailed regulatory questions were derived in part from the EU FP 7 research programme NANoREG, and then augmented by additional questions that have been raised by regulatory authorities. These questions address the following areas: 1 physicochemical characterization, 2 exposure through the lifecycle, 3 fate — persistence — bioaccumulation, 4 modeling of environmental fate and exposure, 5 ecological effects and biokinetics, 6 human health effects and biokinetics in vivo , 7 human health effects and biokinetics in vitro , 8 in silico strategies — Q SAR modeling, and 9 risk assessment.

Answers to these questions were provided by an expert solicitation in the EU H coordination activity ProSafe, were presented and discussed at a scientific conference at OECD in November , and are now published separately in this special issue of NanoImpact. The methods deemed acceptable for regulatory use, and targeted regulatory gaps, will be incorporated into a draft white paper.

This white paper will mesh EU regulatory policy with new available and proposed methods, and other future-oriented needs, aimed at streamlining the assessment of nanomaterial risks. The white paper will then receive comments from Member States, industry, and others via an interactive process, resulting in a final white paper in the September timeframe. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Agnes G. Wijnhoven, Philip G. Risk assessment frameworks for nanomaterials: Scope, link to regulations, applicability, and outline for future directions in view of needed increase in efficiency. NanoImpact , 9 , Johan Foster, Robert J. Moon, Umesh P.

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  • Fish cell lines as a tool for the ecotoxicity assessment and ranking of engineered nanomaterials. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology , 90 , William K. Boyes, Brittany Lila M.

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    Nanomedicine: A Tiny Dose for Health

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      Modelling the Toxicity of Nanoparticles

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      (PDF) Nanomedicine: Overview, Problem, Solution and Future | Dr. Seun Ebiesuwa -

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      Carbon , , Alan J. Kennedy, Jessica G. Coleman, Stephen A.