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The DHCP range is the group of numbers that your router uses to assign internal IP addresses to devices on your network. In the example above, this Linksys router uses the range to assign IP addresses to devices on the internal network.

Important: Before you start

I chose to assign my PS4 to Be sure to use the first three numbers that are in your router's IP address, also known as the gateway. Here are a few more examples for you:. To find out if the address you chose is available ping the address using the command prompt.

To do this:. If you ping an address and do not receive a reply, then the IP address is available for you to use. See example above. If you do receive a reply then that IP address is in use and you will have to try a different one. Below is an example showing an address that has already been assigned.

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External IP Address Internal IP addresses are allocated by your router and are assigned to devices on your home or office network. Your router uses these internal IP addresses to get the correct data to each device. Internal IP addresses are used only by your router and they are not available to others over the internet.

External IP addresses are those that are shared with the world over the internet. The internal IP address of your router is static. Some devices work best with a static IP address. Dynamic Internal IP Address are assigned by the router and can change from time to time. This is why they are called dynamic.

How to find the IP address of your computer and router

For example, a laptop using a dynamic internal IP address may have a different internal IP address after power is cycled to the laptop. Then select Network from the list of options. Select the View Connection Status option. See screenshot below Write all three of these numbers down.

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Here is an example of a router that allows you to manually assign IP addresses. Select Network. Choose Test Internet Connection. Wait while the test runs. It is checking your connections to make sure your console is communicating with your network and the internet. Step Four Once you have permanently assigned an IP address to your PS4 in your router , and you have tested your connection through the PS4 Dashboard , you can proceed to forwarding a port. Then choose Network from the list of options.

Finally, select the View Connection Status option. Write these down, you will need to enter them in later. Here is a screenshot of a linksys router. The DHCP range is circled in red. Here are a few more examples for you: If your router's DHCP range is you could choose a number between 2 and If your router uses , you could try a number between 2 and Step Four To find out if the address you chose is available ping the address using the command prompt.

How a Hacker Might Exploit Your IP Address

To do this: Click on the windows Start menu Type cmd into the dialog box in the windows start menu Now click on cmd. A black window with white text should open. Hit Enter. Then choose Network.

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Now select the option of Setup Internet Connection Next, the console prompts you to choose how you will connect to the internet. The next question is How do you want to set up the Internet Connection?

How networks work: what is a switch, router, DNS, DHCP, NAT, VPN and a dozen of other useful things

Choose Manual. The only thing connected to LAN1 is the router R2.

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Notice that R2's external IP address does not connect to the internet, but to another private network. The computers then connect to LAN2 and receive data from R2. Here is another diagram to help show the network divisions:. To do this we need to forward the ports in R1 to R2's external IP address.

In this example we would log into R1 and forward ports to Note: In order to connect to R1's web interface one will probably have to plug a computer directly into R1 and establish a connection on LAN1. The Proper network device is the device on which you run the program for which you are forwarding ports.

Checking the router's IP Address using a computer with Windows operating system

In our example we would log into R2, and then forward ports to If you are having trouble forwarding ports or just don't want to deal with the hassle of doing it manually, check out PFConfig ; a software tool that automatically forwards your ports. You have now set up port forwards in your double router network and everything is working without a hitch.

That's great, but if you have not configured static IP addresses for the network devices for which you have forwarded ports then your port forwarding settings are just waiting to break. When your port forward settings stop working, the most likely cause is that the network device for with you have forwarded ports has obtained a different internal IP address than the internal IP address that it had when you originally configured your port forward settings.

The result is that your ports are no longer forwarded to the correct IP address. Static IP addresses allow you to assign an IP address to a network device and ensure that its IP address does not change. The network devices for which ports are being forwarded need to have a static IP address.

If a device does not have a static IP address, then it has a dynamic IP address. As stated earlier, if the IP address of a network device for which ports you've forwarded ports changes, the ports will not be forwarded to the correct place. So it is important to setup a static IP address on the network devices for which you intend to forward ports.