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You are going to search for identical vehicles with similar mileage numbers, so you need to find a lot of cars.

Value My Car – Free Car Valuation – Admiral Car Finance

This makes the bigger online retailers a great place to start. Look for cars that are the same exact year, make, and model. Try your best to avoid deviating from the year, as the difference in price between a model and a model can be massive. Write down the price of each car with the same mileage as the one you're valuing.

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As you continue to search across different platforms, write down the price of every car you find that is the same year, make, and model. Try to stick to cars with similar mileages and conditions to get a more accurate picture. If you encounter a listing that seems radically high or especially low, you can ignore it.

How to Calculate Depreciation

There may be special modifications or unique damage to those particular vehicles. A margin for mileage should be around 20, miles in either direction. So if you want to find the value of a car with , miles on it, look for cars that have between 80,, miles on them.

Repeat this process based on listings at local dealerships. Car dealerships have a little more freedom than major online retailers when it comes to how they price their cars.

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Since the price of a car is influenced by the supply and demand of the local market, find cars with the identical make and model at nearby dealers. Write their listed prices down on the same sheet of paper where you were jotting down the prices from online retailers. Almost every dealership lists their available inventory online.

Wholesale auto auctions are not typical dealers, so you should avoid using these companies to source your information. Add the prices together and divide by the number of vehicles to get an average. Total up each price you wrote down, then divide by the number of prices. This will give you an average price based on all of the listings that you found.

Value Your Car

You can use this number as a reasonable baseline for the value of your car. Method 3. One way to determine what a car is worth is to take it to multiple dealerships in your area and inquire about its trade-in value. Make a note of what each dealership would be willing to pay for your vehicle and average these numbers together. This is a practical method to determine what you could get for a car if you needed to sell it immediately.

Enlist a qualified friend to examine your car for a subjective opinion. If you know someone that knows a lot about cars, ask them to inspect your vehicle.

Used Car Valuation

Ask them what they would pay for it if they were looking to buy a used car. This number is going to be less scientific than other research methods, but it could give you an idea of what the average private buyer would be willing to pay for it. Place an ad online to see what price people are willing to pay to test the market. Place an ad in the classifieds section of a social media site for your vehicle.

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  4. Arrange an on-road test drive through your nearest dealer. Explore our range of finance products and personalise an indicative finance quotation. Once you have your used car valuation, explore your options with our finance calculator, or find a retailer to discuss your next steps. Good Price. Based on region and trim, and an average mileage of 20, km per year. It is intended only as a guide.

    Learn how to get the most money when trading in your car.

    Factors such as vehicle condition, dealer installed options and market conditions can affect prices. Selling a car privately also involves negotiating and dealing with potential scammers.

    Get a free car valuation

    Top tips include great pictures, maintenance records and cleaning it up for viewing. Price a Car Select the car you want to price and get an instant valuation. Find the average market value of your car to sell privately All fields are required. Postal Code. What condition is your car in?