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An estimated 1 in 5 Canadian vehicles have an unfixed safety recall, meaning they have been deemed unsafe to drive by their own manufacturer. Whether you are buying or selling, it is important to know that the vehicle is safe.

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Carfax Canada can help you find out. Accident and Collision Damage It is fair to say that everyone would like to know whether the vehicle they are considering buying has been in an accident. Unfixed Safety Recalls. Search Inventory. Request Information. All parties in the altercation are likely to have their vehicles forever tainted with an accident entry on Carfax. The other side of the coin are vehicles that are truly dogs, but go through their lifespan unreported. At the auctions, dealers can enjoy a good belly laugh beholding a beast with a clean Carfax.

Carfax reports are not worthless, but their standing as the almighty arbiters of vehicle integrity has grown beyond reason and good sense. Car resale values now largely depend on a report that may or may not be particularly reliable. Vehicles, in their own way, and not unlike people, have reputations. Many good reputations have been ruined by a service that has grown into the de facto McCarthyism of the automobile business. Guilty, until proven innocent.

Carfax has done a terrific job of marketing its own importance and value. In January , in heavy traffic on the freeway during torrential rain and commute traffic, traveling about mph, a box truck pulled across from the lane beside me and rubbed their tyre against my front right side.

Initially I was upset that the truck never stopped, so called the police to report an incident. However, after discussing it with the officer, I decided against following up on filing the report. There was no formal police report, no insurance claim, no work done on my car……yet….. Carfax have reported it as if I had a major impact collision…..

Of course, that is the usual shyster behaviour, to hide behind faceless email addresses. And unsurprisingly Carfax refuse to disclose who their source is — give that both my DL record and the Car History are both clean with the DMV, then the legality of any information Carfax actually is very curious. In Canada, the war is between Carfax and CarProof. Carproof is by far the better system, as they have much more access to insurance databases, repair shop estimate computer software, lien history, police and ministry of Transportation data, and more.

Why Every Car Accident Doesn’t Get Reported to CARFAX

For one report. I have multiple examples of accident history that clearly shows up on CarProof reports that is not shown on Carfax reports on the same vehicles. It may cost our dealership more to provide a CarProof report to a customer, but you can be pretty sure that the report is accurate. The word was that the driver had died though we could not easily verify that and had no compelling reason to do so.

The latest edition to the foreign-car-only wrecking yard was a Subaru. However, he arc welded in substantial hunks of metal onto the frame rails, ensuring ample rigidity and strength and the end result was a truck beefier than a factory original. That Subaru was a death trap that may have eventually come apart at the seams on its own. We considered that possibility but the paint left behind by the vehicle that had impacted with it along with other evidence of a car-on-car impact gave evidence the car had not died on its own….

I used to buy clips and let me tell you that was a different breed of shopping. One problem with prior salvage cars is you do not know from the title if it is a clip, single car rebuild, or a theft recovery.

Treat them all the same and stay away! Unless you want a cheap ride. I have not tried Auto Check, but I can tell you that Carfax has saved me a few trips to go look at a car. Does anyone think you could find this type of a review anywhere else on the Internet? Not likely. Excellent journalism. Accidents — next. Rust belt car — next. One owner western states car — maybe.

What & How Does Carfax Report?

All the service records — great! I bought a Mazda Millenia on eBay in early , about 65k miles. I got a hold of the service station, indeed, the mileage reported was true and they had upgraded to a new data management system this summer that apparently reports to CARFAX. Long story short, I filed a claim with Carfax, they asked me to provide the branded title, I called the state DMV involved but no such title exists. I am called upon to assist friends and relatives purchase a used car, three in a little over a year.

And the pay is lousy. So far I have made zero, though one person did take me out for a nice lunch.

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I do it because I get a chance to exercise my mind, put my bullshit shields up and I enjoy the chase. Additional to the mechanical inspection, I have an established body shop look at a potential purchase. A car looks way different on a hoist. The body shop technician looks underneath for frame straightener clamp marks and structural damage.

CARFAX Vehicle History Report for American Cars

He also checks fender, door and trunk lid fasteners for signs they have moved from their original factory positions, examines door, hood and trunk alignments, checks the trunk floor and spare tire well for welding marks and body filler, and looks for paint over-spray, rust, flood and hail damage, and assesses the extent and quality of any found body work. I have bought and sold a few cars in the last few years.

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I advertise it as such. Print the carfax and have a copy on hand along with the title. Always arm yourself with a scanner. The average Joe seems to think every emission problem is minor. Salvaged cars get bounced from State to state to wash the title. In the cases of certain specialty vehicles, though, this may be less relevant, IMO. And nothing more. I figured out many years ago that these services are generally accurate, but not generally complete.

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  4. The police were called just to protect my interests. When I go to trade in this car in several years, will this affect the trade in value? Depends on the vehicle, the long-term quality of the repair, and when you decide to trade it in. You may just want to get a copy of the repair done so that a buyer can verify the complete story.

    I have been seeing many private sellers giving documentation pictures, receipts, and police reports to go along with cars they are selling. A new bumber was bolted on and as good as new.

    BUT, maybe a new system needs to be made with insurance claims that pay for projected loss of value because of the accident. Three Cheers for Salvage and Rebuilt Titles! Disclosure: Author believes that clean Carfax reports are a hidden tax on the stupid. Three currently in my fleet are the cheapest to run, cheapest to maintain, most reliable and dependable vehicles of any kind I have ever owned. I seriously doubt that any vehicles with a clean carfax would have been any cheaper to have maintained, notwithstanding the much higher sales price.

    That has been my experience.

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