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The initial line is registered to either the provider you chose which in the way old days was break up companies like MCI etc. They are getting their service lines through the Bell System.

How to Find Out Who Has Been Continuously Calling Me From a Restricted Number | It Still Works

The long standing phone company. I cannot change that. It is every phone number is allocated to a customer.

How to Find a Name of Unknown Caller - Trace Who is Calling You.

So I have three lines, but if one of my lines is being used to harass another the PHONE company does know who I am and I would get notified in some way. Maybe the police or the phone company themselves. VolcalTec who is magic jack gets lines from the original phone company as do many more. This can be a nuisance from time to time, but after receiving repeated phone calls from the same person, it begins to shift from annoyance to harassment.

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There are a few different ways to reveal the name behind the restricted number, and the method that you choose should be in accordance with the severity of the calls. Keep track of all dates and times that you receive harassing phone calls. This log will come in handy when speaking with your phone company or the police department. Sign up for a service called TrapCall see Resources. Purchase the plan that suits your needs. After signing up for the service, you simply hit the "Ignore" button on your phone after receiving a call from a private number.

The number will be rerouted to the TrapCall database and the person's phone number and name will be delivered to you by text message within a few minutes. Speak with your local phone company about a service called Call Trace. Plug in any number, at anytime and find out exactly who is calling you. This way, you can determine whether it is someone you want phone calls from, or someone whom you do not. There will be no more wondering about who is calling you, but rather answers to all your questions and more!

Who is calling me from this number? Find out the unknown caller here!

You can find out who is calling you from the comfort of your own home. Performing a reverse phone lookup , or looking up an unknown phone number is easier than most people think.

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You can perform a phone number lookup right on a secure database and find out almost instantly who is behind any suspicious phone number. Simply plug in the unknown number, and there you go, now you have instant results on who the mystery caller is.

If you then want more information, such as where they live, how old they are, you can find that out also. Now that you have their name you can quickly find out more information by running a background search on them. I know a lot of people just ignore calls when they do not know the number.