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Only these certificates can be used for legal or administrative purposes.

The copies can be used for informational purposes only. They do not view the vital records as open, or public information. To request the West Virginia Death Record you must have a legitimate legal reason for requesting it, or be a direct relation, those who are considered direct relations are grandparents and parents, children, or grandchildren, brothers and sisters and because they often file on behalf of one of these eligible parties a funeral director.

West Virginia death records are available to order by phone, fax or internet, but you must have a credit or debit card to do this. They will allow for rush orders at a slightly more expensive rate.

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You may also make your request in person or by mail for a lesser rate. The West Virginia Vital statistics department will include three years in the fee they charge, they will search the year listed and one previous and one later, if you were wrong about the date then you will have to pay another fee for another search.

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This form of obtaining records can only be done by money orders, cash or checks. By searching death records in person you will obtain them faster usually immediately, standard mail is slowest.

The West Virginia Vital Registration Office stresses they are not the best source for gemological information. The State archive does house death records and offers an abundant search system. The links listed below lead to government agencies that provide free online access to public record information. They also review recommended orders from the judicial officers handling juvenile and hygiene matters. Under some circumstances, a Circuit Court may also handle cases typically handled by Family Courts and some cases connected to Family Protective Orders.

Family Courts share jurisdiction over guardianships of minors with Circuit Courts. Circuits may have judicial officers and specialized court divisions for certain types of cases. These courts have jurisdiction to handle certain types of criminal and civil cases.

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They also handle emergency domestic violence protective orders, and most landlord-tenant disputes. Criminal cases these courts handle include preliminary hearings for all types of criminal cases, and misdemeanors.

These courts have jurisdiction to handle some types of cases, such as domestic violence protection, domestic relations, and guardianships. Cases generally heard by Family Courts include child support and child custody, paternity, annulment, divorce, parental plans, child visitation, proceedings for civil domestic violence protection, guardianships of minors, separate maintenance, and grandparent visitation.

Family Courts do not have jurisdiction over cases involving family support or parental responsibility for a child subject to the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court. West Virginia Municipal Courts have jurisdiction to enforce majority of municipal ordinance violations. Magistrate Courts hear violations of municipal ordinances in areas where there is no Municipal Courts.

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Formerly referred to as the Court of Claims, the Legislative Claims Commission has limited jurisdiction to handle civil claims against the State or its agencies. Typical case that the Commission handle include wrongful imprisonment, injury and damage caused by road hazards, personal injury, property damage, construction contract disputes, contract disputes, claims for damages caused by runaway inmates of the State of West Virginia institutions, and Crime Compensation Act claims. The Supreme Court of Appeals receives appeals of circuit court decisions.

The circuits range in size from one with seven judges to nine with one judge.

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Although as few as one or as many as four counties comprise a circuit, each county has a courthouse where the circuit judge presides. Circuit judges are elected in nonpartisan elections to eight-year terms. They must have practiced law for at least five years. The governor appoints circuit judges to fill vacancies.