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Third Book in the Asher Trilogy. The Asher Trilogy. Sort by Collection Order Latest. Asher's Fault.

The Asher Trilogy Book One. Asher's Shot. The Asher Trilogy Book Two. Asher's Out. The Asher Trilogy Book Three. She was the great-grand daughter of General Benjamin Lincoln of Hingham. Margaret and Henry Francis Smith, Jr. Margaret married a Mr.

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Wakelin of Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Helen and Farnham were the parents of Eric Parkman Smith b. Farnham Smith died 7 Feb.


They married 14 June They had a daughter Hilda Blanchard Smith b. Hilda died 6 April Amelia Frances Eaton, She died 9 Oct. They owned the ancestral Wheeler home at 99 Sudbury Road. In they had a daughter Isabelle Wheeler Belle who died 1 August at the age of She left the house she had inherited from her parents to her cousin Margaret Wakelin. Her residual estate was left to the Town's Silent Poor Fund. Harriet was daughter of William and Jael Cushing Lincoln.

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Abiel died in Concord 8 Sept Harriet was born at Marlboro NH 20 Jan. William Lincoln was originally from Hingham MA. Their children, born in Concord, were:. I Henry Lincoln 8 b. II Charles Parkman 8 b, 6 Nov. III Harriet Lincoln b. William C. Whitcomb of Marlboro NH. Ripley Bartlett, son of Dr. Josiah Bartlett and Martha Tilden Bradford. IV Sarah Elizabeth bapt. George W.

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Schaumberg of Germany who was born 10 May , died 11 March V George Francis 8 b. Alice Rattray. VI William Ephraim 8 bapt. Her biography is available at the Concord Free Public Library. Petersburg, FL, 17 Nov.

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Edwin died 21 May They married 16 June Harvey died 22 Dec. Annie died 27 Dec. Charles C. Willis 10 June Catherine Ruth Cummins 29 May They married 22 June Elbert joined his brother Harvey and William, serving as treasurer of seven water companies. They married 17 July Fannie was born 22 Sept , daughter of Mr. Hubbard of Sudbury Road. She died 18 April He died 1 July His biography is. William and Fannie had no children. They married 3 April He died 9 May She died 12 June They had six daughters:.

Harold Tompkins 26 Nov. Leslie Oscar Anderson 27 Nov. They had three children: 1 Pauline Anderson b. Wendell Doolittle Mansfield 15 June He died 3 Jan. IV Elizabeth Rice b. Allen Leonard Anderson 10 June Eirene died 5 Sept. Allen died 29 Sept VI Frances Brigham b. John Adams on 19 Oct. Frances died 26 June John died 31 Jan.

Alvah and Lilla married 25 April and Lilla died the same year on 14 Dec. Alvah and Caroline married 13 July Alvah died 29 Aug. Caroline died 1 Feb. ALMA B. They married 14 April Mary was born in and died 12 Jan. Anson died I June Raymond C. Clarence Clark Ackerman Clarence was born 14 Aug. They married 16 Oct. She died 9 Jan. Their children were Janet, Ronald and Philip. Janet married 1 Oliver Harvey Hulett on 4 Sept. Oliver died 25 Oct. Janet married 2 Loren Dennet Wooster on 10 Dec. Janet's daughter Hope married Alexander Keith Kennedy. Janet's daughter Holly married Daniel Boyce. Edith went to Mt.

Holyoke College. She served tea every day at and ! Clarence's ambition was to own a farm -- a wish later fulfilled in Vermont. Almy Dwight Washburn 20 June Almy died 5 Jan. Marion died 14 March Caleb married 1 Ellen Agusta Brown 22 April On 13 Nov. Sarah, called Lillie, was born in Boston 14 March She died 4 Feb.

He died 4 Sept. Caleb and Ellen had a daughter Nellie b. Caleb's children with Sarah were:. Julius Malcolm Eveleth 19 Nov. They moved to Florida and had two children: Sarah Pauline Polly b.

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Sarah married John Harrison Foss Jr. Priscilla married Frank H. Priscilla Rich died 12 Mar George Putnam Cook They married 5 Oct. Don Goddard , Putnam and David. Mollie died 27 April IV Elizabeth Bettie Parks b.

Asher's Fault

Ortho Wilton Tompkins They had three children: 1 Ortho Wilton Tompkins, Jr. Ruth Winifred Robinson. I Robert 9. II Clara.